Split Cane Blanks

Every Eden Cane split-cane fly rod is hand crafted in the United States of America using Tonkin Cane (Arundinaria amabilis) harvested from the bamboo forests of Southern China.

Our nodeless construction technique removes the non-functional material and leaves only predictable, all-natural power fibers in the shaft. Thinner, lighter, stronger, more powerful blanks - and a cleaner aesthetic - are the result.

The reward for all this extra work?

Bernard Ramanauskas is the only rod designer ever to win the coveted "Gray's Best" award from Gray's Sporting Journal for bamboo rod design. And he's won it twice.

Our unique split-cane blank assembly techniques also allow us to use infinitely more pressure during gluing than conventional means permit, creating straighter blanks, tighter joints, increased bond, and crisper action.

Freestone Graphite Blanks

Our proprietary Freestone graphite blank components are manufactured in the U.S.A..

Our carbon-fiber and resin systems are of the finest grade. Manufacturing tolerances are precise, and the final blank sanding is done by hand.

Each finished blank is tuned using our proprietary TMD technology then hand-assembled and finished by the designer team that created them.

A quick word on finishes

We take enormous pride in our innovative designs and exacting construction. But the quality of the finish also sets an exquisite rod apart from an ordinary one.

The beautiful, high-gloss varnish coat used on our graphite rods is impact resistant and really tough-so tough it was originally designed for use on golf balls.

The spar varnish used on our split cane rods adds a functional, protective finish that brings out the luster of natural bamboo.

All Freestone rods are made using our unique 'silk and clear' technique, which allows us to permanently bond each guide and thread wrap to the rod shaft under high heat and pressure.

Our finish both on the wraps and on the rod itself is kept as thin as possible. One of our motives is clearly aesthetic-the finest rods have traditionally boasted slim, tight finishes. But we also do it for performance-a heavy coat of finish bogs down rod responsiveness. Our beautifully honed lacquering keeps things crisp and light. This is the most labor-intensive way to finish a rod, but the results are really worthwhile.

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